Thursday, July 1, 2010


First of all, my computer won't connect to Hailey's sister's internet, so I can't put any of my pictures up just yet. But, if you don't already, you should follow me on Twitter at @jessicaspeegle because i've been able to post photos from my phone on there.

YESTERDAY, we got up and around and went to SoHo, where we had lunch at the Mercer Hotel. I had a lamb sandwich and a lemon-thyme homemade soda and it was a delicious lunch! Then we walked around and did some shopping at Anthropologie, but since my bag is already +18.8 lbs, I didn't make a purchase :( Next, we traveled to Times Square which was pretty amazing, but very tourist-filled (i like to pretend I'm not a tourist because I'm with someone who lives here). Hailey and I waited on-line for about 45 min and got tickets to the off-Broadway production of Avenue Q. Then we rode the subway to 5th Avenue and walked about 30 blocks up Central Park until we got to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There, we saw the "American Woman" exhibit, which had lots of dresses/outfits that women wore throughout several decades of American history - there were Flappers and Gibson Girls and the Bohemian look. We also saw several Van Goghs, Monets and Degas, etc. Because our feet were about to fall off, we took a cab around the Upper East side to a hamburger place called JG Melons. It was pretty delicious and we enjoyed cheeseburgers and beers before we headed back to the Theater District. We then had some margaritas at Bann Next Door (pretty interesting) and then headed to our show! Avenue Q is like an adult version of Sesame Street. There were people and puppets, all of whom said very inappropriate and hilarious things! They had some great songs, such as "Everyone is a little racist" and "THe Internet is for Porn." After the show, we met up with Hailey's sister at a nice Italian restaurant, where we enjoyed drinks at the bar. We made it back to Brooklyn about 1 am and crashed.
TODAY, we headed back to Manhattan and took the Staten Island Ferry. It's free and pretty amazing - we went right by Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty and it was a gorgeous day, albeit slightly windy. I swear, being in NY is like what I imagine being on the Titanic would be like, so many people of all different backgrounds speaking crazy languages. It's really cool to be around actually. After that, we went to the Financial District and had lunch at Dubliner, which had gorgeous outside seating and amazing food. We met some lovely people from Chicago who told us they would never have guessed we were from Oklahoma - I guess we're doing a good job fitting in. We then walked to Ground Zero, which really doesnt have much to see since the Memorial is under construction, but it was still really cool to be there. Then, we took the subway to Chelsea and walked about a million miles till we found the High Line Park. It's a park that is up in the air on the old high line and it is really amazing! There were beautiful flowers and great sitting areas and you get a view of all of the city and even Lady Liberty again! We enjoyed some gelato cones and took it all in. We then got back on the subway and witnessed a crazy altercation between a ticket lady and a scary, scary man. I'm not sure what happened, but there were lots of curse words and screaming. I'm pretty impressed we've made it around to everything we wanted to see and we've become real subway pros. Okay, maybe we have to ask for help/directions about every couple of blocks, but stilL! we made it. and it turns out, not every New Yorker is mean... there are a couple, but for the most part, everyone has been pretty helpful and explains to us where we should go... so that's good. We're meeting some friends back in Manhattan tonight for dinner and drinks!
TOMORROW we leave for England in the evening. We are flying KLM Royal Airlines, which is supposedly a really great airline. BUT, we are having a bit of baggage issues. there is nothing on the website that tells us anything, but we found another website that states that KLM only allows 1 bag per person and if it exceeds 50 lbs, you have to pay $100. And if you bring a second bag, you have to pay $200. So we're trying to figure out what would be the best idea... we may leave a bunch of stuff at her sister's or we may bring a third bag and put stuff in it... but we don't know what to do.... SO, if any of you are bored, we'd really appreciate some research (Kate, Chelsea, i know you;re good at that!) to find out what we are allowed to bring!
Sorry there are no interesting stories to report at this time; everything has gone really well!
Love! Love!

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