Saturday, July 3, 2010

7. Greegle took Manhattan.

Thursday night we met up with some friends from home and went to a lovely French restaurant in the West Village called Tartine. It was a “Bring your own wine” place and they didn’t charge corking fees so we took full advantage. I had escargots, which were delicious! The last time I had some was in high school French class and they were really chewy and I almost choked. But, these were amazing. I also had a house salad, which was soooo delicious for what seems to be an ordinary dish. We hung out there for awhile, watched one of our friends get “iced,” then headed back to Union Square and went to a bar called Forum. One of our friends, Bryan, is studying at NYU this summer so we went back to check their dorm rooms out. We met the meanest total cliche' of a "New Yorker." He was an old bitter man working the front desk and yelled at us several times for 1) handing too many forms of ID and 2) signing on the wrong line. It was a hot mess, but luckily the hot dog vendor was right outside so I quickly forgot about it!

Friday morning we got up and around and headed to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It provided amazing views and was really really cool. Under the Bridge was a fantastic pizza shop that had a line that stretched a block. It was totally worth the wait as Hailey and I shared a pepperoni and garlic pizza and yummy Brooklyn root beer. We then went back to the apartment and packed a third bag. See, on KLM, if you have a bag over 50 lbs (mine was 18 over), you have to pay $150!!! But, if you bring a second bag, it’s only $55! So we gathered our heavy items and put them in a third suitcase, which was a real bitch to tote around JFK International, but so worth the cost. The airport is busy of course, and the only restaurant in our terminal is a Chili’s – ugh. But, we grabbed a beer to make us sleepy and a salad to make us skinny.

I had the BEST time in New York! I absolutely loved it there and would loooooove to move there! We will be back for a night and a day when we get back to the states in August, so hopefully we can do the 2 things we didnt get to do this week: 1) see the Empire State building; 2) eat a gyro from the street vendor. It doesnt take much to make us happy.

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