Monday, July 12, 2010

15. London Fun-don

Phew - what a long weekend! We left for London early Friday morning and got back Sunday evening so I haven't had my computer with me much! But, don't worry - i will totally tell you everything that happened! So we boarded the bus from our college on Friday morning at 7:00 am - or 1:00 am you people's time. It took about 2 hours to get into London and I read a bunch of my new Emily Giffin book - which i loved, of course. We got to London and went on our "Legal London Tour" with about 20 people from our program and a delightful tour guide named Judy. We learned all about how you become a lawyer in England (which is soooo much easier than the US) and we went to the Royal Courts of Justice and saw some protestors and learned cool stories about all the buildings and sculptures and stuff around us. After the tour, Jay, Hailey and I went and ate sushi. We were really excited by the fact that the rolls only cost us 3 pounds, until they came out and there was only two pieces of each sushi! Ridiculous. Anyway, then we got back on the bus and got our super-huge tote bags and headed to meet Robin. hailey went to undergrad with Robin and she now lives and works in London with her German boyfriend (fairytale!) and they so graciously let us stay in their flat all weekend! We navigated the tube and the trains to her flat, where the three of us had their loft to stay in - it was so great! Then we headed to the Thames River and bought our tickets to the London Eye and went to the Tate Modern until we headed back to actually go up in the Eye. It was soooooo cool, but of course we got stuck in the pod with like 14 annoying children... ugh. Anyway, after that, we went and ate dinner along the river and then went to an outdoor pub called The Ship in South London. Poor sweet Robin's purse got stolen there and we encountered some Brits who liked to be mean to us about our stance on the death penalty. Things got pretty heated at one point so we headed back to the flat at Lavender Hill and warned Robin her friends might think we're awful...

Saturday we got up and got ready and went to South Kensington and went through the V&A Museum and ate delicious crepes and saw the Pepperdine House and then went shopping!! We hung out at the toy department in Harrod's for like an hour - there were some amazing toys! We found a nice pub at Piccadilly Circus and enjoyed some Pimm's - which is a gin-based lovely summer drink! That night we ate at another pub in Piccadilly, then went to another part of town and had drinks at a Beligan pub - one nice thing about London; there is a pub on every corner!

Sunday we got up and went to Windsor Castle, where the Queen summers! The Queen was actually there and, although we didnt see her, it was still soooooo coool! I have great pictures in my facebook album. It was probably my favorite thing we did there because it was soooo ornate and beautiful but actually still in use! We headed back to London and gave Robin some flowers to thank her for letting us stay then went and traveled to catch the Oxford tube. Let me just tell you something about British people - (mostly) they are mean! Not everyone, but we've encountered some awfully rude people! We got on the bus and I asked the man so nicely if he was going to stop at Queen's Lane. He just looked at me and said it stops at Brookes University. So we took that to mean that it was the closest stop to our college and decided we'd take it. So i got out my pounds and said ok so it's 11 pounds? He said are you students? I said yes. he said well you didnt tell me that. So it was like ok... well here's a 20. Of course, he didnt have any change and it was just the hugest hassle... Of course, Brookes University is about 1 million miles from where we're staying in Oxford so we had to hike, probably 2 miles, back to Brasenose all the while carrying our 30-lb. tote bags... ugh it was just awful! But, when we got back, we discovered the school was serving us dinner! and it was lamb and potatoes and so delicious, but so hard to enjoy since we were sweating profusely and disgusting! After dinner we headed to the college pub and watched the World Cup and had a great time! Okay so that's my weekend... there was plenty more along the way, but I'm too tired to write it all down!

Love! Love!

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