Friday, July 16, 2010

16. Oxfordian Weekend

So, originally we were planning on going to Brussels this weekend; i'm not sure what's wrong with us, but we are just totally unable to make plans! So we decided to save Belgium for our last weekend and we're staying in Oxford this weekend. today we headed to Christ Church where several scenes for Harry Potter were filmed. Then we went to Oxford Castle, which used to be a prison and has a ton of great stories and things to do!

We went up into the tower and down into the crypts and all kinds of fun stuff! Then we went to "The Eagle and Child" which is a pub in Oxford where CS Lewis and JR Tolkien met every week for 30 years during which they wrote most of their masterpieces. Then we headed to a Thai restaurant where we sat very close to a Dutchman and his Asian girlfriend. We had been talking for several minutes so I'm sure he was able to recognize we were American... but he started talking about how in most countries, there are tons of tourists that get taken advantage of. He referenced his daughter got on a camel, either in Thailand or Turkey, we can't remember, but when she got on, they told her she owed them money. He said "we have too much pride, we don't just pay for that and get taken advantage of... we're not American." and he said it in just the rudest tone! I was so offended and really wanted to say something but i just ate my sweet and sour duck and pad thai and got over it. Today we also went to the train station and purchased our tickets for Salisbury, which will bus us to Stonehenge! then we are headed to Bath to see the ancient Roman baths and a ton of other great sights! I'm so excited and really glad we chose to stay around here this weekend - we have already discovered so many places we hadn't found yet.

We have really been enjoying the delicious foods around us - last week we had Ben's COokies!! So delicious.

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