Sunday, July 18, 2010

17. Well those are big rocks...

Yesterday we traveled to Stonehenge. We took the train from Oxford to Salisbury then caught a bus to Stonehenge. It was really amazing and we got the audioguides so we could listen to all the information regarding the world wonder. The funny thing is, most of the information included "we don't know why they did this..." or "we don't know how they got them here" or "we don't know what any of it means" so we didn't really learn much, but it was still super cool. There were tons of tourists and it was a pretty chilly day so we walked around once and headed back to Salisbury. the bus was cool and gave a really great tour of the city and we still had a little bit of time before our next train. We stopped at a little pub and enjoyed a pint of Stella and fish and chips, cuz hey! it's england after all. So then we headed to Bath and went to the site of ancient Roman baths. It was really impressive, but there were horrible, awful, no-good, tourists (i know i'm one, but i am very well-behaved) everywhere doing stupid things.
1. there was a middle-eastern man who kept going up to stone statues or rocks and trying to push them down! it was ridiculous and i was just shocked when i saw this! what is wrong with people?
2. There were about one million small children under the age of 2. So what did the parents do? give them audioguides and let them scream and run around! It was awful and the parents just acted like it was no big deal. Reallllllly got on our nerves.
3. there was a group of 6-8 high school girls from either Spain or Italy and in the middle of the museum-y, artifact-y section, they just start screaming and laughing and falling down and laying all over the artifacts! their teacher just looked at them and laughed! we shhhhed them several times and would have told on them if someone would have been around. It was just ridiculous, i don't even know how to explain it.
But, it was still a fun day-trip, albeit very exhausting!


  1. <3 Hope that England is treating you well! We need to hang when you get back!

  2. Jessica, you have been cracking me up and I've enjoyed every minute reading your blog, but the sshing of the kids made me LOL.
    I know you're having a ball and many of us here in OKC expect you to run into Prince Harry or the Queen. Wouldn't surprise us at all.