Thursday, July 8, 2010

14. Quadrangle

In the background of this beautiful photo, besides the beautiful boy, is what is called "the quad." Now, I know where most of you went to school, but where I went, we didnt have a "quad." Sure, I'd heard about it on Clueless where Elton said "Mr. Hall, i left my Cranberry CD in the quad; i gotta go get it before someone snags it." And i assumed it was some sort of grassy knoll area where people hung out. But here? The quad is a beautifully-manicured rectangle (I guess quadrangle) of grass in the courtyard of our amazing college. However, you are not allowed to walk on it.... Ok, that was the quad's bio... now let me tell you a story.

So last night, we ate our delightful meal of lasagna and french fries (soooo good) and headed down to the college pub called Gertie's. There's a lovely woman who serves the alcohol and I love how she calls me "My Love" in her British accent. So we were down there watching the World Cup and just hanging out. After that we went to another pub called Turf Tavern, where there is a sign on the wall that says "Bill Clinton may not have inhaled here, but he sure did imbibe in other illegal activity here." Well, for some reason the British don't like having fun like we Americans do and the bar closed at 11! Ridiculous if you ask me. So we headed to King's Arms, which is your standard British pub, which closed at 12! Again, ridiculous. I need a good old-fashioned Buffalo Wild Wings or even a JC Cowboy's for crying out loud! So we headed to the Purple Turtle where we quickly learned it was Rocker/Goth night so we stuck extra close to the boys we brought and all made it out alive.

Now, during this whole evening, my friend John was just giving Jay the hardest time ever. Anything out of Jay's mouth was returned with a total smart-ass comment. I'm not going to lie, they were hilarious and the exchange between the two made me fall out of my chair I laughed so hard. But, Jay was getting pretty upset. and somewhere in the middle, they challenged each other to an arm-wrestling duel at 1230. So after we all ate at the kebab truck (which has lovely kebabs, hot dogs, hummus, fries, oh it's amazing), the two grown-ass, law-school-going, men get on the ground in Oxford and arm-wrestle! Jay lost and decided it was because John weighs "at least 40 more pounds and was cheating." It was a hoot. I didnt get any pictures, but if i can get my hands on one, you're sure to get a looksie at the madness!

So we head back to the college and by this time it's down to me, Hailey, David, Chris, Phil, Shira, and Sarra. NOw, i forgot to tell you that the quadrangle is currently under construction and has a wooden wall built all the way around the sides, with openings on the ends. So, obviously it isnt a big deal if we walk on it because they're the ones actually tearing it up! So for some reason, David (who is wearing sunglasses, a velvet blazer, jeans, and boots) and I decide we need to have a good old-fashioned footrace. I take off my purse, my cardigan, my scarf, and my flippie floppies and get down in the three-point stance. David (who by the way is about 6'0 and has a good 100 lbs on me) and I take off sprinting and pretty much tie both times. Then Hailey and Shira have a cartwheel race down the whole quad. Then Phil and I raced. Then Chris walked backwards while Hailey and Shira power-walked. Of course this whole time we're all shhhhh-ing each other because we know we'll get in trouble if we're loud. Lo and behold, here come 2 security guards who said "to use an English phrase, bugger off." So we left. Well, this morning, Chris made a comment in his class and his professor made a comment about everyone disrobing (ie- taking our sweaters and scarves off) and racing on the quad. He said that he almost yelled at us, but then thought it would be much funnier to just watch. So i can only imagine what our shenanigans looked like to our professor, but we had a stellar evening!

Love! Love!

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