Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5. Airplane!

Welp, we made it all the way to the Big Apple! Don't worry - I remember everything that happened today so I can tell you all the great travel details.

Leg 1 - OKC to Dallas
Okay. So I got up at 6 this morning, got all ready, hopped in the car with my parents and headed to Will Rogers. The American Airlines counter was nice and empty and I went and placed my suitcase on the weigher and lo and behold - it was 68.8 lbs. Yes, 18.8 lbs over the limit. As soon as I got my ID out, i realized I had left my credit card AND my check card at home. Awesome. So my mom ran out the door, raced home, and got them for me (another perk of not growing up). Everything else went off without a hitch, except Hailey and I weren't given seats next to each other on our flight. When we got on the plane, she was sitting next to a woman and a 6 mo. old screaming child who apparently had the croup... Well, a lovely lady next to me offered to let Hailey sit in her seat so all was well. The 36 minute flight was uneventful, besides the whooping cough baby.

Leg 2 - Dallas to NYC
During our 1 hour layover at Dallas/FTW, we saw these adorable African-American children who were headed to Africa. They were very well-dressed and behaved so we raved about how great these kids were and how all other parents should take their cues from these parents. Well, of course we ended up behind these children on the plane and somewhere between the waiting area and boarding the plane, they were possessed by Satan. As soon as we sat down they just started screaming and talking and jumping and it was just insane. THen the flight attendant came by to tell them and their parents that all the bags needed to be off the floor and up in the baggage hold thing. So they put a bag up and sit back down. FLight attendant then comes back and tells them that ALL the bags must be up in the thing.. so they put a bag up there... and then she comes back, and well, you get the idea. I can't really explain the intensity with which my ovaries yelled at me to never have children after watching these kids on the plane. The octaves they were screaming at would have caused all the dogs in the surrounding area to freak out. Well, as if this show weren't enough, there was a lovely foreign man to my right who kept asking the flight attendants for "3 pieces of bread." They would look at him and show him the sandwich or the cheese/crackers he could choose from, yet he just looked so perplexed and said "3 pieces of bread?" So the foreign lady would lean over and repeat whatever the flight attendant said louder and in an accent "Sanweeech," etc. I should have paid for this show! It was hilarious. Of course, he decides he wants some cheese and crackers, but they don't take cash. So the flight attendant is saying "NO money!" but he doesnt understand... so he gets out what looks like an expired Simon gift card and it didn't run....
I don't feel like these stories are as funny to you without being there or hearing my and Hailey's accent impressions - they're legit.

Anyway, we got into NYC at about 4 local time and took a cab to Brooklyn, where her sister Kim lives. We walked about 5 miles tonight, looking at the sites of Brooklyn and eating at this delicious vegan restaurant! We're exhausted, but we have big plans for tomorrow!
Love! Love!

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