Friday, June 25, 2010

2. Mindless Musings

These are the kinds of shenanigans I was up to 2 years ago when I last went to Europe. I hope you are all bracing yourselves for what's to come in the next 6 weeks.

Since this post is completely random, i've decided to tell you some stories. Think of them as bedtime stories but in the morningtime, so morningtime stories if you will.

When I first started law school I was super tense and nervous. The first time I got called on in Torts, I literally broke out into a heat rash. Imagine a red jelly belly thrown into purple paint - that is what my face looked like. I leaned over to Hailey during a break from my interrogation and said "I feel hot; am i red?" Being the good friend she is, she said "No, no, you're doing great!" As we went to leave, I saw my reflection in the mirror and literally almost passed out. No wonder my face felt hot - it was bright red with purple splotches all over it and i had sweatstains on my cute "First Week of School" outfit.
But the best "Beginning of Law School" story has to be one of Hailey's. We were in the computer lab, which of course is completely silent because some people actually like to study/do homework at school. (Weird I know.) Well in between our bouts on Facebook, Hailey printed out a case brief and went to the front of the room to 3-hole punch it. When she got to the counter, there was a weird-looking machine... so she looked at the "helper" and said "Is this a hole punch?" The bored and annoyed looking girl kinda shrugged so Hailey put her paper in the machine, pushed the button, and as it grabbed her paper and made a horrible noise she yelled "It's a shredder!!!" but then, the machine let go of the paper, she pulled it out and she had 3 holes punched in her brief. So she looked up and said "Never mind, it's a hole punch." Annoyed Helper Girl just looked at her like she was crazy and she came back to our desk just laughing and laughing. That's when we knew law school might be harder than we thought - we barely knew how to hole punch papers. How would we ever know how to even write said papers?
Love Love!

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